Full Time Cutie Video Picked Up By Regional Powerhouse JBTV

The Full Time Cutie video by Summertime Dropouts has been picked up by JBTV based in Chicago. The show is syndicated in some very large markets here in the U.S. – Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington D.C., so our video will be playing in all these markets. JBTV will be programming the video beginning next week.

JBTV is also tapped into major FM stations in the metro areas listed above. Because they love the song so much they’re going to be using “Full Time Cutie” as a bumper on radio. FYI: a bumper is a short audio segment leading into something or with a voice talking over the music. I had to look it up myself and found this description: “short clips of signature or theme music used to buffer transitions between programming elements. Bumper music is commonly employed when a syndicated program takes a break for local station identification or ‘goes to a radio commercial.” (read more on Wikipedia)